Dulce Vargas

Medical Assistant & Billing

Expertise: Dulce is versed in everything.  We are so lucky to have such a stellar and dedicated employee.  We can call on her to take over reception, work on billing, help with the back office and she does it without hesitation!!! She has an incredible work ethic and she will help you in any way possible.

Kimberly Elliot

Surgery Scheduler

Expertise: When Kim is asked to work her "magic" in getting our surgeries booked, she follows through with a smile and a hug.  Kim will address any concerns you may have regarding your surgery and she will help you navigate through all the financials as well.  

Daisy Hernandez

Medical Assistant

Expertise:  Daisy is hard working & enthusiastic.  You will always find her willing to help.  She prepares you for your exam by taking your history & vitals.  She is in charge of ordering all of our supplies.  She is always willing to learn new techniques and even offer to try new procedures before they are offered to patients.  She helps the doctors with educational videos for patients.  We are in awe of her enthusiasm and are so blessed to have her on our team.  

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Happy Caring People

The key to a successful practice is to surround yourself with happy people who care.  You cannot teach compassion, empathy and kindness.  We are so lucky to have an amazing group of women who love their patients an their job.  When you are at your most vulnerable you can count on us to help you get back on track.                   

Megan Miyahira, NP, RN


CA State University, LB, Masters in Nursing

Expertise:  You name it!!!  Megan does it all. Routine care to complicated consults and procedures.  She is Dr. Rodriguez and Rebeles' right hand woman.  She is truly a great addition to our practice.

Maribel Castaneda

Office Manager

Expertise: Solving all of your problems.  She is amazing!!!  She helped Dr. Rodriguez open her practice and has been integral to the success of the practice.  She understands the world of insurance and billing.  We would be crippled without her expertise.  You can count on her to help you resolve any issues you might encounter.

Cynthia Lopez


Expertise: Savant in remembering names.  Cynthia will always great you with a smile and will likely remember your name and any recent trips you've taken.  She has an incredible knack for remembering more than a computer.  We love her and so do our patients.

Comprehensive care

We are a one-stop-shop.  You don't have to be referred out for many services like:



-Infertility (except IVF)

-Hormone Management (BioTe Pellet Therapy)

-Mona Lisa Laser Therapy

-Orgasmic dysfunction (O-Shot)

-Skin Care (Microneedling, Vampire Facial, Microdermabrasion, Hydrafacial, Dermal Infusion)               

Our goal is to provide a medical practice that feels like home, a practice where you actually look forward to seeing your doctor.  When you are at your most vulnerable, we want you to know that we have your best interests in mind.  

Our Vision

Our Strength

Patricia Arnazzi, LAc, MSOM


Expertise: Acupuncture, Patty has the gift of healing.  She graduated top of her class from Donggunk University for Eastern Medicine.  She is and incredible ultrasonographer but her passion is acupuncture, Tu Nai, cupping, herbs...the list is long.  Here is a link to her website:  www.drpatriciaharnazzi.com

Our Staff

Exceptionally Trained Physicians

Dr. Rodriguez & Dr. Rebeles both completed competitive residency programs and are fellowship trained in Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery.     They are the only female physicians in the Southbay who are fellowship- trained in the DaVinci Robot.                     

Accredited Hospitals & Surgery Center

We are credentialed and hold active privileges with Torrance Memorial Hospital, Little Company of Mary and Prime Surgical Center of Torrance                      

Priscilla Marie Fernandez

Medical Assistant

Expertise: Priscilla prepares you for your exams.  She takes your history & vitals.  She answers any questions concerning your visit.  She prepares the rooms and  assists the doctors procedures.  She personally spear-headed our BioTe program, taking charge of prepping our patients, ordering medications and keeping track of all our hormones (this is not an easy task).  Priscilla is also attending UCLA working towards her nursing degree.  We are so proud of her.