What does the administrative fee cover?

As of 2022 our practice has implemented an annual administrative fee of $250.  This fee covers services that are not paid by your insurance. Over the past years, insurance companies have grown more demanding, often refusing vital imaging, labs or procedures that we feel are medically necessary.  When you receive a denial, your insurance does not pay us to fight for you, it is not in their best interest. Many practices receive these denials and defer to the patient to fight their own battles.  We have always fought for you, spending countless hours behind the scenes making sure that you get the type of care that you deserve.  Our approvals are over 95%.

Our goal has always been to approach each of our patients with an individualized medical plan and to ensure that there is adequate time to address your needs. Our patients have access to a patient portal where they can have direct contact with their provider 24-7.  We also offer Saturday and expedited same day appointments so that your needs are addressed in a timely manner.  We have an incredible relationship with physicians from other sub-specialties that we often call upon for favors if you need to be seen urgently.  Our providers are required to attend quarterly conferences so that you only receive the most cutting-edge up-to-date treatments available. We have made this commitment to you.

We offer educational platforms like our podcast, “Vagenius”, our YouTube channel, “Dr. Elena Rodriguez” and our Instagram account, “@dr.elenarodriguez”, so that you can always have access to information related to your health.  Dr. Rodriguez is fellowship trained in Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery as well as Integrative and Regenerative Medicine.  She continues to expand her learning so that she can build a very personal, unrushed, coordinated and proactive relationship with each and every one of her patients.  We hope that you understand how valuable this type of care can be in today’s medical landscape.