What does the administrative fee cover?

What is an administrative fee?

  • The $250 administrative fee is charged annually to cover services that are not paid by your insurance.
  • It is NOT a concierge fee and it is NOT for medical services.
  • It can be paid in monthly installments if you need financial assistance.

Why does this practice charge an administrative fee?

  • Private practice is difficult to sustain in this medical climate.  Many doctors have opted to become employees of hospitals rather than deal with dwindling insurance reimbursements and huge overheads.
  • Insurance denials have increased, forcing us to spend more man-hours fighting for you to receive the appropriate care that you need and deserve.
  • Patients are demanding more care to be delivered via patient communication portals (emails, phone calls and texts) which are not paid by your insurance.

What are the services offered by the administrative fee?

  • Peer-to-peer reviews when you get an insurance denial for any reason (imaging, medication, labs, etc.)
  • Online portal access/communication with your provider 24-7.  We guarantee a reply within 24-48 hrs.
  • Expedited same-day appointments for emergencies only.
  • Saturday appointments if needed.
  • Weekend emergency calls 24-7.
  • Medical leave, Family Leave and Disability paperwork.
  • Medical records requests.
  • Expedited medication refill requests (you must be up to date with all your screening).
  • Access to our quarterly educational seminars.
  • We provide you with educational platforms via our podcast (Vagenius), YouTube channel (Dr. Elena Rodriguez) and Instagram account (@dr.elenarodriguez)
  • Expedited referrals:  We are lucky to have an amazing relationship with many doctors in this community who we frequently call upon for favors or immediate curbside consults if you need to be seen urgently.
  • Your providers will remain committed to life-long learning by participating in medical conferences and continuing medical education so that you only receive the most cutting-edge treatment plans.

HER Inc. is a firm believer in a personalized, unrushed, coordinated and proactive relationship with each and every patient.  We hope that you understand how valuable this type of care can be in today’s medical landscape.  This fee is not a concierge fee.  We purposefully kept it affordable so that everyone can have access.  We understand that there are many providers in our community that do not charge this fee but we are confident that you will find this fee to be worth every penny.