• As of April 1, 2017, we will be switching to a GYNECOLOGY ONLY practice.

• We will continue to see pregnant patients up until their 12th week of pregnancy confirming viability and ordering all pregnancy labs.  

• After you have completed your 12th week state nuchal translucency testing, we will help you pick a provider to transfer care.  

• We will still be here for you, to answer any questions or concerns you may have about pregnancy.

• We can help you if you are struggling to conceive.

• Gynecologic Ultrasounds

• In-Office Gynecologic Surgery
• Painful periods/ Pelvic pain/ Endometriosis
• Ovarian Cysts/ Tumors
• Fibroids & Heavy bleeding
• Abnormal Pap Smears/ precancerous lesions
• Leakage of Urine
• Uterine or Bladder Prolapse
• Labia, Vulva or Vaginal Issues
• Infertility Evaluation & Treatment
• Menopausal Issues
• Bioidentical Hormones

• Weight Loss Management (HCG Diet)

Surgery (All surgeries are minimally invasive if possible)
• Hysterectomy (Removal of uterus)
• Myomectomy (Removal of fibroids)
• Ovarian Cystectomy (Removal of ovarian cysts)
• Oopherectomy (Removal of ovary)
• Endometriosis treatment
• Vaginal colpopexy (vaginal lift)
• Suburethral Sling for urine incontinence
• Surgery for Infertility

In-Office Surgery (prior insurance approval needed)
• Hysteroscopy 
• Endometrial Ablation (helps with heavy bleeding)
• Essure/ Tubal ligation
• Laser, Cryosurgery or Leep for HPV treatment
• Suction Dilation and curettage for miscarriages or heavy bleeding)

Mona Lisa Laser

​•​ Used to treat changes in vaginal health secondary to menopause or post partum

• Vaginal pain during intercourse

• Vaginal dryness, itching or burning

• Vaginal laxity or loss of sensation during intercourse

• May help with mild to moderate symptoms of urinary incontinence

Cosmetic Surgery (Click on link to find out more)



Hymen Repair

Vaginal Advancement

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